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Gent has been chasing this fantastic fox of a feature star for some time now, so we're delighted to have finally wrangled her in front of the lens at long last. But then, Savannah-born Georgia peach Jada Deville is one helluva busy gal. Since launching her dancing career with the encouragement of her ex-feature dancer mom Jada has been on a mission to strut her sizzling stuff in every state of the nation. She's been showing up here there and everywhere to share that terrifically toned and luscious 5'2, 110 lbs., 36EEE-24-36 physique with appreciative club patrons.

Such zeal has paid dividends too. Only last year Jada carried off the prestigious Miss Nude Galaxy Showstopper title to add to the numerous other awards her flamboyant, uninhibited and occasionally extremely messy routines have earned her. Some people say awards are a dime a in the dancing game, remarks the bubbly brunette, But you can't help feel it's usually the ones that don't win who say that! I love appearing in contests whenever I get a chance it always brings out the best in me if there's a prize to aim for. Not that I don't give one hundred percent if, say, I'm booked to appear at any club for a week or whatever. But contests are that little bit more exciting there's always plenty of other feature dancers striving to win too. It adds that extra edge and I think audiences appreciate the benefits for them.

Where Jada has an especially alluring extra edge has to be in the shapely splendor of that bodacious bosom, capped off with two of the perkiest nipples in the business. One of the first awards I ever won was Miss Best Breasts Savannah, Jada announces proudly, In a way, that award started me on the journey to where I am now. It was a huge boost to be recognized for something. That was the night I realized perhaps I could have a future as a feature dancer.

And Jada has to admit she's rather proud of those big bouncy cats. It's not just the shape of them and how they get me noticed all the time, but all the pleasure I get from having such sensitive nipples. she confides, When I'm being intimate with a man I always demand he gives them lots of stimulation. I want him to tease them nearly to the point where I can't take it any more. Sometimes I think they're wired direct to my clit because when they get excited I feel a lovely throbbing right on my button.

Jada reflects on how hornily heated she can get to the point where she's gushing as much as in one of her notorious whipped cream routines. Mmm, one little caress in the right area is all it needs and I'm off to La-La Land, she giggles naughtily, It's do what you want with me time after that. Something worth remembering, huh boys!

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Best Breasts

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