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Mimi is my busty 31-y-o wife, and the hottest woman I've ever known. For some while she's fantasized taking on more than one man together. I loved the idea of seeing her natural 34G titties manhandled by several males.

A chance came unexpectedly as we were returning home from a Florida break and saw three young guys thumbing for rides. I decided to pick them up and they squeezed into our car. They were headed for DC but had given up on getting there that night. Mimi suggested they stay with us overnight. I saw right away how her mind was working! At our place we all talked awhile. Scott, Darryl and Wade were army guys in their early 20s, back from Iraq and eager for kicks. Mimi was doing her darndest to show off her round butt and had popped her top blouse buttons so her juicy mounds were visible straining her red lacy bra. I discreetly left the room, with a wink to Mimi to say go for it, honey! She quickly suggested the four of them go up to the bedroom. I decided to wait five minutes then go see how things were going. My cock was like rock imagining three guys enjoying Mimi's stupendous cans. When I made the scene Mimi was nude on the bed, her big tits hanging in front of her. The guys didn't waste time. Mimi was kneeling on the bed, legs wide while Wade was ramming his big black cock up her from behind. She had Darryl's equally big dick stuffed deep in her mouth. Meantime she was handjobbing Scott. She took my stiff cock in her hand and the lewd scene was complete. Scott got off pretty fast. The sight of his cum spewing over Mimi's melons in thick white streaks was horny enough to bring me to the boil. I added to the mess slithering down her jugs. Mimi hardly noticed as she was experiencing bliss of a special kind. Finally she ordered Wade to fuck her hard as he could and give her his all. Wade did so and Mimi shrieked with orgasm. But she carried on licking Darryl's purple cockhead so expertly he finally jetted a colossal amount of cum over her face. As I left them to it Scott was cramming his tool up her wet cunt, Mimi's legs wrapped tight around his back as she urged him to fuck her harder. Knowing Mimi as I do, I knew that she would take everything these boys had to offer and still not be satisfied. I spent the night in the spare room next door and heard everything that happened.

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Big Tits

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